Introducing the Self care checklist: Helping you reduce your daily stress so you can attract the things you want most.


truth be told

You can’t expect to serve your clients if you are 

stressed and burned out!

Are you a coach who struggles with stress or overwhelm? Is it difficult for you to take care of yourself? Do you want a foolproof formula for personalizing your self-care? If so, then this self care checklist is for you!


This downloadable checklist will guide you through creating a foolproof formula for personalizing your self-care. With just a few simple steps, you'll be able to overcome stress and overwhelm and take care of yourself.


So why wait? Grab your copy of the self care checklist today and start taking care of yourself!

Coach Emi

Hello Gorgeous,

I'm Coach Emi the self-care savant behind the magical brand She Commands. 

A few years ago I was so burnt out as a coach, I was nearly hospitalized. What was once my biggest dream became a burden. Every time I worked with a client a heaviness weighed on my life. I was close to giving up on what I knew to be my divine purpose until one day I said F the gurus, imma do business my way. I went back to the basics and cultivated a simple yet sustainable self-care routine that gets me out of my own way and in to a place of zen so I could achieve my bigger than life goals! Now,  I am here to help you do the same. 

So download this freebie gorgeous because you know you deserve better!



Your Future Self Will Thank You For What You Start Today